MIT AI Ethics&Policy and the MIT Science Policy Initiative co-host an event on algorithmic audits and their economic context.

Algorithmic Audits in Economic Context.
Algorithmic Audits in Economic Context.

Algorithmic audits as a tool for algorithmic accountability are receiving increasing attention by policymakers, academics, and civil society. Such audits face multiple challenges: Data is hard to get, for legal or technological reasons, and many of the questions of interest, be they about non-discrimination or non-self-preferencing, are hard to operationalize. In this event, we hear from several experts studying algorithms in deployment in hiring, highlight how humans interact with algorithms, and how this affects auditing of algorithms in the future.

Date: Thursday, 12/01/2022

Time: 3:45 PM-6:00 PM

Where: MIT Stata Center, Kiva Room (32-G449)



Time Program
3:45-3:55 PM Opening
4:00-4:30 PM An acacemic perspective on audits: pymetrics & van Buren vs. United States (Christo Wilson)
4:35-5:05 PM An entrepreneurial and civil society perspective on audits: Discrimination audits & ORCAA (Cathy O’Neil)
5:20-5:50 PM Interventions on platforms vs. observations of algorithmic outputs: What does algorithmic oversight need to know? (Alex Mackay & Christo Wilson)
5:50-5:55 Examples of other audit tooling work (Mehan Jayasuriya)
5:—6:15 PM Joint Q&A (Alex Mackay, Cathy O’Neil, Christo Wilson)
6:15 PM Adjourn