As artificial intelligence and autonomous machines become increasingly important, it is crucial to examine the ethics, morals, and explainability of these systems. To gain better understanding, we are starting an AI and ethics reading group. We will explore both foundational and recent literature on AI and ethics.

The group will be MIT-wide to encourage a community discussion. What are the pressing AI ethics questions of today? How can the MIT community contribute to this field?

If you are interested, please join our mailing list or fill out the interest form.

Next meeting

Our next meeting is Thurs March 21, 2019 from 5pm-7pm in room 32-D463.

We will be hosting the new College of Computing Working Group on the Social Implications and Responsibilities of Computing. This is our chance to weigh in on the new College of Computing.

Please join us to think about what it would mean for MIT’s new college to integrate rigorous research on the social implications of computing– exactly the issues that have been animating this reading group.

Instead of a shared reading, please come to the meeting with an example of exciting research (a paper, blog post, newspaper article) that analyzes social implications and ethics of computing. Here are some examples of research you could bring:


Spring 2019

Our regular meeting time for Spring 2019 will be Thursdays 5pm-7pm, beginning Thurs Feb 21.

For more updated information, join our mailing list.

Our planned meeting dates for this semester are:

  • Thurs Feb 21
  • Thurs Mar 07
  • Thurs Mar 21
  • Thurs Apr 04
  • Thurs Apr 18
  • Thurs May 02
  • Thurs May 16

If you have articles or papers you would like to discuss or are interested in leading a future reading group meeting, please contact ai-ethics-admin [at] mit [dot] edu